Avoid Wasting Energy

With Smart Open Window Detection (SOWD), your energy is never wasted.

Choosing a Heat Matrix Smart Towel Rail & Designer Radiator controller means you’ll be on top of your energy usage and efficiency at all times.

Heat Matrix kits include our Smart Window Sensor, a WiFi enabled device that attaches to windows or doors and detects separation when these are opened. This in turn sends a wireless signal to your heating appliance to shut down instantly. This is an incredibly powerful and important feature of your heating system to ensure that when a window or door is opened, the energy you are paying for is not carried out of the room it was supposed to be heating.

Some electric heating appliances claim to be smart and include open window detection as standard, what sets Heat Matrix’s Smart Open Window Detection feature apart is its instantaneous nature. Whilst other devices wait for the temperature of the room to drop, as measured by the built in sensors on these devices, our solution instantly cuts off the heat, filling in that precious gap between the moment the window or door is opened and the heating shutting off.

In a typical sized bathroom this time delay could be anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. That’s 5 to 30 minutes of heating you are paying for unnecesarily. Imagine that 2 times a day for an entire week – that equates to 210 minutes of wasted heating and energy.

With every increasing energy costs, Smart Open Window Detection is not to be missed. You forget to close the window or shut the door after using the room and you could be down hundreds of Pounds each year.

We recommend you take a look at HM55TRC04 and see how it could benefit your home!

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