How Electric Heating works

There are 3 main types of electric heating:

Convector Heating

The most common type of electric heating, convector heating, works by heating the air to heat the room. The convenience of a convection heating system is based on the quality of the installation and well planned heat distribution. Using air circulation can heat your home faster and more efficiently, however this method has a more uneven ceiling to floor temperature distribution.

Electric Radiator With Heat Storage

Electric Radiator with Heat Storage

An electric radiator works similarly to a regular radiator in that it heats the surfaces within a small area. This method also uses a lower rate tariff (during night hours, for example) to generate heat and store it within the radiator, this heat is then released slowly and used throughout the day while the electricity tariff is higher therefore costing you less overall. This method of electric heating also provides a more evenly spread ceiling to floor temperature distribution.

Infrared Heating

Infrared Heating

Less common, infrared heating utilises the electromagnetic spectrum, outputting a light invisible to our eyes which is absorbed by objects like our bodies, the clothes we wear, or in the case of our homes, the walls and furniture. This is the same type of heat that you feel when you’re sat in the sun or in front of a coal fire.

Infrared heaters are safer and generally consume less electricity than conventional heating units. They provide a more evenly spread ceiling to floor temperature distribution and come in a variety of shapes and sizes which can be mounted on walls or ceilings.

Infrared heating is not suitable for use in every application so you should contact us to ensure this is a suitable heating method for your space.

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