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Our business oriented solutions focus on Student Accommodation, HMO Properties, Hotels, Hostels & Offices where there are often several units, typically 10 or more, but usually 25 or more units. We are able to specify your electric heating system no matter the size of the job or property.

In addition to this, we have partnered with Genius Hub to provide you and your business with a BMS for such properties, with full control of your heating system in order to maximise cost efficiencies. The guiding principle behind the Genius Hub system is to avoid heating unoccupied rooms unnecessarily which can be a defining characteristic of properties such as Hotels & HMOs where the rooms see irregular use.

Furthermore, the Genius Hub system works with electric heating systems as well as traditional wet systems meaning there is no need for an entire system overhaul; handy if you are working to a strict budget.

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Other Property Types

As well as those mentioned above both our range of electric heating appliances and controls, and the Genius Hub BMS, are suitable for a wide variety of properties:

– Care Homes & Hospices

– Churches

– Fire Stations

– B&B & Guest Houses

– Offices

– Schools & Nurseries

– Large Homes

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We can specify the electric heating system on a wide variety of properties and job types of any size.

We will request your plans and suggest the most efficient and effective size and location for your electric heating appliances and send you a proposal back with all costs included.

In addition to this, we can arrange for the delivery of your goods as well as installation, if required.

We pride ourselves on our customer service so we will always be on hand to help in the unlikely event you face any difficulties with any of our products. You and your customers will also benefit from peace of mind with our extensive standard warranty and optional extended warranties.

To get the ball rolling, discuss your ideas, or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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