Extended Warranty

A selection of our range is eligible for an Extended Warranty! Our Extended Warranties increase your standard limited warranty length by 1, 2, 3 or 4 years (up to a maximum total of 5 years including the standard warranty depending on the product) for a fixed additional cost to cover your device or appliance from manufacturer defects.

Giving you complete peace of mind for the future of your home and heating system!

Terms & Conditions Apply – Please Read the Full Warranty Policy by clicking the link below

Warranty Policy

Simple Protection

Purchasing an Extended Warranty for your Heat Matrix product is easy.

When selecting your options look out for the ‘Extended Warranty’ drop down box, click on this and simply choose the additional number of years you’d like!

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Example shown is for illustration purposes only and is not a true representation of cost.

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Don't Forget To Register

All of our warranties, including your Standard Limited Warranty, require product registration within 21 days of the order or invoice date for validity.

Use the button below to head straight to the Warranty Registration form.

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