HM26RF5-16A Extended Warranty


3 Year Extended Warranty

This adds 3 years to your included 2 years, totaling 5 years of cover.

You are purchasing an Extended Warranty for your HM26RF5-16A Thermostat.

The product is not included.

Please refer to the Warranty Policy.

This product has been created for those who have already purchased their product from an authorised reseller, or ourselves, and have decided to opt for an extended warranty. If you have not yet purchased the product please do not use this product, instead opt for the extended warranty directly from the product page.

1 – Purchase the relevant extended warranty for the product you have

2 – Make a note of the Order Number

3 – Head to our Warranty Registration page

4 – Input your information and be sure to check the “Extended Warranty” option – where prompted, enter your Order Number for your Extended Warranty

5 – We will contact you back to confirm your registration

6 – Sit back and relax. Your product is covered!

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