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Electric heating systems are on the rise in the UK in an attempt to combat ever increasing energy bills. They provide some key benefits including a much lower installation cost, lower repair and service costs (unlike boilers), faster repair times, higher heating efficiency, increased controlability, and higher levels of safety as no harmful gases are used or produced. Despite the higher energy price per unit of electricity as opposed to gas, it is possible to slash your energy bill by up to 30% by correctly and effectively managing your electric heating system using readily available technology.

15% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions come from heating the home and it’s for this reason that from 2025 new properties will not be allowed to have gas boilers – if we are to successfully reach the UK’s Net Zero carbon emissions target by 2050, older properties will eventually need to switch to alternative heating methods. For the eco-conscious homeowner then, it’s reassuring to know that by combining an electric heating system with a renewable source of energy (such as that generated by solar and wind), often on a ‘zero carbon electricity tariff’ your heating will be carbon-free.

It’s for these reasons that we think now is an important time to consider how you heat your home and make the switch to electricity and that’s where we come in!

With The Times

Electric heating systems today are available with a large variety of Smart Features bringing them right up to date. It is these features which allow for effective management and optimisation to ensure the system strikes a balance between efficiency, cost, and carbon footprint:

– Smart Thermostats

– Remote WiFi Controls

– Programmable Timers & Schedules

– Open Window Detectors

– Movement Sensors

– Integrations with Smart Home systems such as Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Our products are designed, engineered, and built for the eco- and tech-savvy homeowner, yet simple enough for anyone to use. We want to implement Smart Technologies wherever there’s a need for them and by doing so we ensure high levels of controlability and thus higher levels of heating efficiency. In addition to this, by including such technologies on a number of our devices we comply with the LOT 20 regulations under the European Ecodesign Directive.

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For Your Home

Our electric heating solutions cover a wide range of applications for use in the home:

– Living Spaces

– Bedrooms

– Bathrooms

– Kitchens

– Conservatories

– Orangeries

– Outdoor Buildings

If you have an ongoing project, something planned, or are simply thinking about switching over to electric heating, get in touch and we’d be happy to help!

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More Reading

We’ve compiled a few resources for you below should you wish to learn more about the current energy and heating climate in relation to both gas and electric heating, as well as carbon/greenhouse gas emissions and costs.

The Energy Saving Trust has information about energy prices.

This Source from the Department of Energy & Climate Change shows the emissions impact exclusively from heat.

Similarly, this infographic from the Committee on Climate Change shows the impact of households on the environment in an easy to read format.

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