How to save money on your heating in winter

How to Save Money on Your Energy Bills in Winter

With Christmas just around the corner, and a cost-of-living crisis looming, all of us homeowners and business owners alike may be asking ourselves this very important question. With all the money spent on food, drink, tinsel and of course presents for the festive period, paired with sub-zero temperatures pushing us to rely much more heavily on our heating, the squeeze bills put on us and our bank accounts during this time is much more prevalent.

This is why we’ve put together a list of important tips and tricks to check or try to make sure you’re making the most of the energy you’re paying for this winter. Some of these may seem obvious, however during warmer, brighter months we tend to let these fall by the wayside and our energy use can become highly wasteful.

Try putting these to the test this winter and see how much you could save.

Thermostat Control

Controlling your thermostat can help you save. Using a smart device, such as the HM26RF5/16, to control your heating remotely can help make sure you only heat your house when necessary. On average you’ll save around £70 each year. Changing the thermostat by just 1°C could save you up to £80 each year.

Close curtains and Blinds

On colder autumn and winter days, close your curtains and blinds as the daylight fades, to keep the heat inside overnight.

Though do make sure that during the daytime when it is warmer you let some light in, and if you can open the windows for a short amount time here and there to let air circulate in your home, to help prevent the build-up of damp.

Prevent Draughts

Poorly sealed doors and windows can drain the heat you’ve saved up. They also make it much harder to warm up your home in the first place. Applying draught excluder tape around your doors or windows could help to reduce draughts and keep the warmth locked in.

Choose Smart Electric Heaters

Despite their initial negative reception, many homeowners now are opting for electric heating to keep warm. They now provide versatile and efficient designs, many equipped with digital programmers and highly accurate digital thermostats, such as HMPH46ERP, modern electric heaters operate to exact temperatures at exact times, minimising waste and ultimately saving you money. Some even offer extra features such as open-window detection, motion sensors, and energy consumption monitors helping you save even more than before.

Get Programming

If you do opt for a smart thermostat or smart electric heater, then spend that extra setup time creating a schedule around your personal usage. As long as your controls or heater have a 7-day programmer you’ll be able to create a schedule around your exact routine and lifestyle. This will ensure your heating system is running as economically as possible, slimming down your monthly energy bill. To make this process easier, more flexible and less time consuming we recommend opting for a thermostat that can be controlled wireless and make changes on the fly in app with HM68OLED.

Zone Your Heating

Allocating your electric heaters to specific zones is a great way to improve overall efficiency and ensure your monthly bills don’t suffer. Heater zoning allows you to control your electric radiators in groups – rather than having to control them all together. If you want to increase the kitchen temperature you can do just that without having to increase the temperature throughout the whole house. This ultimately keeps your energy consumption down and minimises waste. To keep a comprehensive overview of your heating, and therefor your heating bill, heater zoning is the way forward.

Invest in Insulation

In the long run, the main way to keep energy bills low is to trap as much as possible of the heat we generate inside our homes. If you have the money to do it, insulation is a great long-term investment. As energy bills go up, the time it takes to see a return on your investment becomes shorter. For example, loft insulation in a typical semidetached home would cost £520, saving £395 a year on your energy bills. So in less than 18 months you’d be making a saving.

Ultimately, saving on our energy bills requires some level of proactivity from us as consumers. However we can drastically improve our chances of saving a few pounds by introducing smart technologies into the mix. We have highlighted a small selection of our smart products to assist in bringing down your energy bills, but we recommend browsing the remainder of our range to make sure you are getting exactly what you need.

If you have any questions or need helping choosing the correct devices you can always reach us via the Contact Form or by phone on 0333 444 0899 or email at

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